I am demonstrating the use of my ‘home-made’ IR Pen or Wii pen using an application called ‘Cooliris’.
First thought that enters my mind is ‘Minority report’ – this device brings a different depth to using the PC, a rather pleasant interactivity that really shows well in Cooliris.

This is my home-built version of the IR glove.
The setup is basically; blue tooth dongle (blue soleil), wii mote, wiimote whiteboard software to calibrate and a golfing glove that incorporates a battery and a strong Infra-red LED at the tip of the finger, activated by a micro switch.
When playing DCS: Black Shark, a helicopter sim, it adds to the immersion and ease of controls when in the cockpit as every switch can be clicked using your hand – this eliminates the tedious mouse control and/or keyboard commands.
If you can’t afford to buy control boxes etc then this is ideal – with some basic knowledge, simple instructions and materials costing less than £10.

New website in the making…


Myself and Chris are pulling together and developing a new website, completely dedicated and wholly worshipping the ‘Retro’ era – in our minds it’s going to cover the 70’s and 80’s… however as we get closer to 2020?! I am sure it will expand to the 90’s!

We have our site registered, however you won’t find a great deal there yet… but we’d appreciate a bookmark 🙂


In the meantime you can catch us on Twitter with regular updates and general chit-chat!


See you there! 🙂

Casio CM607

Casio CM607

I really like this Casio from 1975 – unique landscape design.

I received three calculators today! The futuristic looking Rockwell ‘the 24k’ (1976), a Radofin 2200 style 2 (1975) and an immaculate Hanimex ESR 80 (1975) in it’s original packaging.

Rockwell 'The 24K' (1976) hanimexesr80Radofin2200_1

I have just acquired some more retro 70’s calculators, they can be seen here
This week; Rockwell ‘The 24K’ (1976), AML Traveller LE-8 (1971), Sinclair Cambridge Programmable (1977) and Sinclair Cambridge Type 3 (1975).
Today, the Hanimex ESR 80 and the Radofin 2200 – Pictures below.


I am starting a new page called ‘retro calculators’ – still in development but will catalogue my own growing collection of 70’s calculators!
The various designs are very interesting and worthy of preserve, both for historical and factorial reasons.

Stay tuned 🙂