Well, had a little play – kept it simple, me + title. Thinking of changing the page colour to red??

The theme doesn’t allow a graphic header so for now I’m happy with a more ‘minimal’ view.


Now there’s a little task for myself. I need to over-haul the header image on this site, to be honest it was created pretty quickly as I wanted to changed the default image.

I have a few ideas already once I’ve finished my map project first.

Maddy & Milo are on hold at the moment.

Very clever use of AE CS4.

Having taken a pay cut courtesy of the bankers who messed up our economies, my Maddy and Milo website is no more due to costs.

So I will be using this site as my ‘base’ from now on.
Of course you can also view Studio 2i (Loslobas) @ http://loslobas.deviantart.com/

Lets hope this black cloud passes by very soon.

Hello, I have just discovered wordpress.com and really like the way you can create your blog here.
So I’ve decided to stuff everything into the removal van and off-load it here instead.

My former blog site was originally located at http://maddy-and-milo.blogspot.com/ however rather than just dedicate it to my new idea, being ‘Maddy and Milo’, a children’s book, I have decided to widen the view and dedicate it to all of my creativity at Studio 2i, the ‘think tank’.

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