I am quite glad of my age, why!? because I lived through some amazing gaming era’s.co7923

My first taste of technology was a calculator I bought when I was about 5, it was made by Commodore and the digits were lit by bright. red LED’s. Thanks to the internet and the power of information I can now reminisce that moment when I walked into the shop and bought it with money I had saved.

Not exactly a gaming device but this was just that small step for a kid owning something that could ‘compute’ – and it was made by Commodore, little did I know that they would later create the cult Commodore 64 in 1982 (I would have been 10). Also made in default beige, a colour that has stood the test of time with computer manufacturers.

1977 Atari 2600

1977 Atari 2600

1977 was an exciting time, the launch of the Atari 2600 and the first of George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ films arrived in the UK. I can still remember the day my Dad came home with this big box, I was over-awed, this was the step into the world of gaming and technology that has been with me ever since.
The very first game I played on the Atari was the graphically challenged ‘Combat’ – boasting 27 games in one cartridge, such as Tank Pong, Bi-Plane & Jet Fighter.

The internet is full of retro sites and emulation programs so you can play the classics on your PC.
One such Atari website which caught my eye was AtariAge, well maintained and a mine of information, photos and scans of boxes, manuals and more.

To be continued…


I was perusing the iPhone apps at the app store and came across a rather useful survival guide.

It’s called Survival Pocket Reference – Survival Tactics from the US Military.

The layout is good, with the ability to bookmark, search and view chapters. I hope there is an SAS version by Lofty Wiseman, or Ray Mears!

Useful iPhone app

Useful iPhone app



I don’t see this as the iPhone app to take over from Twitter but do find it a useful addition or aid.
Some things can’t be explained so easily through a text message, such as sound for instance. This is where audio boo plays it’s part.

Stephen Fry uses audio boo – he was recording questions for his twitter fans.

It is still in development and viewing the website forums there are a lot of good ideas coming forward from the public.

Actually, I am wondering what the collective term for twitter users might be?!

Suggestions welcome!

10K Run – Cancer Research UK

Ickworth House – October 4th 2009

Myself and my wife are participating in a 10K run through the beautiful grounds of Ickworth House.
I have never ran down the road before let alone 10K! So I have some serious fitness work to do before October!

Upon completion I shall post up the event photograph’s for everyone’s amusement!

We would really appreciate your donation to such an important charity, thank you 🙂

Neil & Tasha.


The latest release of Ubuntu brings the best open source technologies together on one platform, with the benefit of free updates for 18 months. Constant improvements, feature additions and extended machine and network support explain why Ubuntu wins more converts with every release. This tour will help you discover, like millions of users worldwide, why Ubuntu Desktop Edition 9.04 is the desktop operating system for you.

ubuntu 9.04

I think I may settle for this desktop background on ubuntu. m... on Twitpic

Out with Vista and in with ubuntu 9.04!